Amanda & Steve

You can tell a lot about a couple by how you spend your engagement session. The fact that we spent most of this session in fits of uncontrollable laughter is not only telling of these two, it also makes my job just that much more awesome.

I actually met Amanda outside of the wedding world. I remember meeting her and becoming almost confused by how nice she was. No one is THIS nice. It isn’t possible. What’s her game?

Nope. There is no game. She’s actually just that nice. So is Steve. I dare you to meet them and try to tell me otherwise.

We spent our engagement session waltzing around Loyola University’s campus, enjoying the sunshine and moderate temperature of one of the first warmer days of our thus far brutal winter. The ice is starting to melt (which made our trek out on the lake slightly more terrifying), the flowers are starting to pop up, and the sun is shining a bit longer every day.

In the short time I have known Amanda and Steve, they’ve filled my life with so much joy and positivity – the type of positivity I didn’t know it was possible for people to still possess – and without an ounce of naiveté to go with it. They could receive all the happiness in the world, and it still wouldn’t be as much as they deserve.

Congratulations, Amanda and Steve. Best of luck in your upcoming adventures, even though I doubt you’ll need it. No matter what, never stop laughing.