Karli & Chris

I’ve been absent for a minute. 2015 has been an insane year. I got married to the most incredible dude in the entire world (shameless plug for Heather Jowett and Mike Clark over here), we honeymooned in Switzerland – documentation here; jobs were transitioned, I unfortunately struggled greatly with my mental health, things were flipped upside down for a while. My dog is still awesome. I’m getting used to being called ‘wife.’ Things have settled down in the best way, and I am now allowing myself to get back to work.

There’s something to be said about adventuring in your own backyard. Chicago is so immensely vast and diverse; it’s very easy to feel as if a new neighborhood is an entirely new world. Karli and Chris, newbies to the city of Chicago, showed me around their neighborhood of Lakeview, an area I was entirely unfamiliar with, despite not living particularly far away myself. We circled Belmont Harbor, which overlooks the very street they live on.  Not pictured: the bookstores and candy shops we hopped into along the way.

It was hard to care about the sights, though: can we talk about the way these two look at each other? Holy lordy.