Sam & Ryan

Sam and Ryan are a fun-loving, comic book-reading, tech-savvy, photography-loving, and 100% adorable Chicago couple (aka my kind of people) – the masterminds behind Quark Magazine and cat parents to their boy, Lennie (not pictured. Sorry internet).

I had been toying with the idea of beginning to do lifestyle sessions, and I knew Sam and Ryan would be the perfect couple. A lifestyle session is like any of my other portrait sessions: I want to capture you both, as you are, in the places you love, doing the things you love, with the person you love. We could spend the day in your home, about town, at an arcade, at the farmer’s market, anywhere – any place where I can best document you in your natural element. Whether you’re married or just serious about each other, it doesn’t matter; my only requirement is that you’re seriously in love.

Despite the sun finally beginning to shine, we opted to spend the day inside the shadowy yet beautiful Field Museum of Natural History, located right in downtown Chicago. While I am predominantly a natural light photographer by choice, there is something so lovely and inviting about the warm, glowing yellow-green light in the Field Museum, illuminating historical artifacts, taxidermy animals, and ancient relics in an otherwise dark museum. I can’t help it – I’m a sucker for it.

The sun is starting to peek through the clouds, and the weather is starting to get just a bit warmer. Everyone’s jackets are a little lighter, as is the bounce in their step. I was grateful to spend this day with these two.

Here are the awesome newlyweds Sam and Ryan in the Field Museum.