Ivy & Justin

Baby, it’s unrealistically, unfathomably, and horrifically cold outside.

Justin and Ivy met in a movie theater. Worked together in a movie theater. It seemed quite appropriate to take their engagement pictures in a movie theater, too, especially since I was lucky enough to photograph them in the theater in which they once worked together, the beautiful, nearly 100-year-old Logan Theatre in the heart of the Logan Square neighborhood, where Justin, Ivy, and myself live and work.

Despite them both being my age, Ivy and Justin have the kind of love that takes you right back to being young; they have that puppy love that feels so tangible, it’s almost infectious. Only, it’s not puppy love. It’s the real deal. Shooting these types of sessions remind me that love this sweet is something I’m lucky I get to surround myself with. These two were almost too sweet. I think I have cavities now.

Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably pretty familiar with the winter we Midwesterners have been struggling through. This session was no exception. With windchill, it ended up well below zero, but this couple were total troopers. And for the record, it’s really my job to get my clients, but sometimes, it’s safe to say my clients just get me: we took a break from the frigid, frigid cold to eat Mexican food and have hot coffee and cocoa.

Needless to say, I’m totally smitten with this couple.